Tanzania Safaris

Luxury Safari in Tanzania

The Swahili word ‘safari’ means long journey. Indeed, when embarking on a safari tour we can sometimes get a bit frustrated with the long distances and difficult road conditions as well as the quick meals and the sleeping in tents. To be quite frank, some people, even though loving the safari idea, get exhausted in a normal safari tour. Luckily, nowadays we can organize a Luxury Safari in Tanzania, one of the best countries for a safari tour, with a lot of comfort and luxury without removing it’s authenticity and coverage.

Starting with the high quality of the 4WD private Land Cruiser with safari pop up roof, the high-end binoculars, cooler, chargers and, most importantly, a truly fabulous and experienced guide, Soul of Tanzania is a dedicated company to the organization of your Luxury Safari in Tanzania. Attentive to details, this company makes your concerns and wishes a no small detail. All revolves around your objectives and aspirations and the itinerary is built step by step by safari expert’s and yourself as a team. Soul of Tanzania knows the region intimately and can suggest the best for your luxury Tanzania safari and adapt it to your budget, needs and aspirations.

All is organized in the most personal way and adapted to the season and parks you wish to visit, as well as the number of days and hotels you choose. This company ends up delivering a completely personalized experience creating premium itineraries. When you travel with such experts, your safari transforms into a pleasurable experience stress free! Your every need is pre-empted and your every expectation is exceeded.

With this care and love for safaris, all it is left for you is to enjoy what you really came for… the vastness of the Serengeti plains, the beauty of the sunrise over Ngorongoro Crater and the noise of the lions afar in the night. Surprisingly you also become in love with the tastes of the high standard cuisine and the lunch service in luxury picnics, the exclusivity of the personalized service and the pleasant and cautious presence of your tour guide.

As if this wasn’t enough, this company takes care of your flights in the country and will arrange for a perfect complement for your safari in paradise in the beautiful islands of the coast of Tanzania like Zanzibar, Mafia, Chumbe and even private islands like Fanjove.

With partnerships, all around the islands mentioned, Soul of Tanzania prepares an intimate sophisticated refuge with authentic charm and exclusivity. From magnificent resorts to picturesque boutique hotels by the beach, your experience will always compel you to immerse oneself in the luxury experience of relaxation and true happiness.

You can sit back and enjoy the experience safe in the knowledge that every aspect will surpass your expectation and make the best of the fun and tranquil days of the tour that will stay with you in your memories as a once in a life time experience.