Immerse yourself in the Serengeti

How to experience true harmony with nature and wilderness? The answer lies in a 14,763 sq km portion of Eastern Africa – The Serengeti National Park – the oldest Tanzanian National Park  (established in 1952) and probably the most documented wildlife area in the world. No wonder! 

Serengeti comes from "Serengit”, a word in the Maasai language (‘Maa’) which translates into “Endless Plains”. With the size of a small country, it offers hypnotising landscapes, with its vast treeless and short grasslands painted with rocky formations. Woodlands and rivers frame a breathtaking sunrise that can’t really be explained but experienced in a Safari tour.
Serengeti is the place where over one million wildebeest and hundreds of thousands of other species join in a 1,000-km circular journey for water and pastures. With the prays come the predators, of course. Many of our clients documented predator-prey interaction worthy of any wildlife tv show. In fact, this park has the highest concentration of large predators in the world so you are bound to meet some of their specimens while on safari.

Even though Serengeti remoteness sends us back to our roots, it is also the place for the finest Camps and Lodges, where farness, comfort and exclusivity form the perfect trio. 

It is easy to understand why Serengeti is a true wildlife treasure and a natural heritage that we feel proud to help preserving.