Calving Season

Tanzania is incredible all year around, but we can't help but saying how magical January and February are. Almost 2 millions of wildebeest and zebras return from the northern Serengeti plains to give birth in the south. Literally thousands of calves are born each single day in a synchronized process.

The moment all females give birth and calves are already walking, the whole herd heads out. You'll feel your heart melting while looking at all those clumsy calves. The privilege of observing a baby wildebeest running for the first time minutes after being born.


But there is a problem...

These vulnerable creatures are under the predators' radar! And so a desperate fight for survival begins! Big cats, like the powerful lions and the agile cheetahs, define strategic schemes, focused runs and ambushes, so they can themselves and theirs cubs survive to rough nature.

It is the perfect time to observe hunting action and to remind that life is a constant battle in the African plains.


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