The tallest free standing mountain in the World

Kilimanjaro is arguably the most romantic mountain on Planet Earth. Very few locations in our planet ignite such a mysticism and symbolism. It is, after all, the roof of Africa and the tallest free standing mountain in the World. It has also been a symbol against Global Warming and maybe there will not be many years left before the Glaciers on top of Kilimanjaro melt.

At 5895 meters, Uhuru peak is the highest pointing of all Africa.

We organize high quality treks to the summit of this unique mountain and employ a high quality team of guides, porters and cooks and great equipment to make sure your chances of reaching the summit are maximized.
Below in this page you will be able to read the description of the 5 routes available to reach the peak. We always recommend Lemosho and Umbwe because they allow great acclimatization, are less crowded and provide incredible scenery. Scenery wise, Machame route is spectacular too with the only downsize being the fact that It sometimes busier. If you would like to avoid camping and maybe have a shorter route, Marangu is the best option but it is also the one with worst acclimatization and lower success rate. Finally, Umbwe route is a very difficult trek recommended only for those with a high experience in mountain climbing.

Climbing Kilimanjaro can be a life changing experience. You can do it for the challenge, for the unique scenery, for the feeling of success, for the adrenaline and accomplishments, and for many other reasons. One thing is for sure, your life will change after you've dominated the highest free standing mountain on Earth.

To book this unique experience, please contact us and we will also send you documentation with the recommended equipment and preparation for the climb.

Five different routes